I'm a native Russian speaker and live in Moscow, Russia.

In 1980, I graduated from the Translators' Faculty of the Moscow Maurice Thorez State Institute of Foreign Languages (today, State Linguistic University).


I do the translations (written only!):

English > Russian;
Russian > English;
French > Russian;
French > English; and
Russian > French.


In the fields:

business (contracts, business letters, etc.);
economy and economics,  finance;
computer software;
non-organic chemistry;
mining and processing of the mineral feedstock (specifically, the titanium and iron ores);
electric welding, coatings of welding rods;
production (extraction) of the crude oil (petroleum) and natural gas;
civil and industrial construction;
protection of environment (mainly, in the industrial construction);
civil aviation;
medicine (general);
pharmacology; and
various other fields that I do not mention here just to save the disk space.


I've worked as translator for such companies and organizations as:

Embassy of Canada in Moscow;
Trade Facilitation Office of Canada (TFOC);
Royal Dutch Shell;
QIT-Fer et titane (today, RTZ Iron and Titanium);
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Bank;
Moscow Narodny Bank;
Tioxide Europe Limited;
Russian State Committee for Standardization;
Institute for Economy in Transition;
Russian Kurchatov Institute of Nuclear Reactors;
VIAM Scientific Association under the Russian Ministry of Aviation Industry;
Novolipetsk Metallurgical Works (Russia);
Aviaexport Association; 
Mineral Analytical Information Center (Moscow); and
other companies and organizations, plus the twenty-year experience as a free-lance translator.


You'll be able to receive your fulfilled order on a floppy, by E-mail, printed out, by fax, or, if you wish, recorded on a compact disk. This can be in the MSWord, text, or Adobe *.pdf form.
If your text for translation has figures with inscriptions inside, these can be scanned and inscriptions translated.

So, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me:
+ 7 495 3767922
Box 29, 109542, Moscow, Russia




Please, read my name as Dmitri SHEMONAEV: I spell it in the French way like it is spelled in my passport.